10 Hilarious Google Search Suggestions

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In the world of Internet access and information galore, you would think that there are very few barriers between us and learning the ins-and-outs of the cache of content that all of humanity has acquired, right? After all, there are millions of domains out there that are holding information for you (there are even thousands of domain endings to choose from… the permutations are nuts). But while search engines such as Google connect us with a Library of Alexandria’s worth of information, it seems as though we haven’t exactly used this to comprehend rocket science or memorize Shakespeare

Below, we have the top 10 most hilarious google search suggestions, meaning that each one was a phrase that someone actually typed in while using Google. While we could take the time to explain them, you should probably just see for yourself… 

  1. This first one gets the ball rolling in a way that no other search suggestion could. While I don’t know what was going through this person’s mind when they typed this, I would argue that it was not much. This person googled “how do I google something,” inside the Google search engine bar. I guess sometimes you just need a little help from Google when googling something.
  1. While this next one may not stem from simply being oblivious, it most certainly does take you on a roller coaster of emotion. It’s as if it ropes you in extremely close and then launches you halfway across the galaxy. To be fair though, I also hate it when a sentence doesn’t end the way it octopus.
  1. Moving on, we find that you cannot, in fact, own a Canadian, nor any little people. I’m not sure what was going through this person’s mind when they typed this, but I certainly hope that their motives were pure. Otherwise, I would be quite worried.
  1. As I type this one, even I can’t help but chuckle to myself in thinking about this. “Sometimes when I’m alone, I use comic sans” is something that if you’re familiar with anything in the world of typography, you wholeheartedly understand. Comic Sans is the distant cousin at family reunions that everyone thinks might be just a little “off,” and I guess this person feels like that when they’re alone.
  1. While I get that there are a lot of things you can do “accidentally,” all of the suggestions on this next one are things that I simply cannot imagine happening accidentally. For the first, I am extremely confused as to how you can “accidentally” build a shelf, and with the second, I feel like you have bigger problems than googling something if that did, in fact, happen to you.
  1. For this next one, we have another list of searches that provides no good scenario. I am not sure what exactly happened to these people and their technicolor goldfish, but I assume it is nothing that can be good. Hopefully, as this person completes their sentence, it is something that ends in such a way that the goldfish turns out fine. 
  1.  This search suggestion is one that, in all honesty, poses a pretty good point. Why isn’t 11 pronounced “onety one?” In some circles, this may seem outlandish and completely crazy, but apparently to these people, they believe that they might be onto something. I guess future cultures will have to decide that for themselves.
  1. On to the next one, we see another case of scenarios occurring spontaneously. Even for the first one, we see that someone has found themselves in quite the predicament--they’re a parent. I’m sure all the parents out there are seeing this and thinking “Yep. That’s exactly what it feels like.” And in addition to that, the list just keeps getting better and better as you read it. 
  1. For our second-to-last suggestion, you do have to go down a bit to really catch the revelation that someone had while surfing the web. If you eat yourself, would you double in size? I, in fact, have never had the chance to test out this theory, and I don’t think I would recommend anyone to, either. That being said, it does make a person think...
  1.  For our last one, we definitely get a splash of color in all this mess of suggestions. This person obviously gets a little frustrated when hanging out with friends of certain skin colors, but not for the reason that you might think. Instead of malice, this person just hates it when they lose their friend in a specific environment. This is definitely quite the suggestion to wrap us up in this roller coaster of foolishness. 
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