Fire protection equipment international standards

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Fire protection equipment

Dec 9, 2020

Technology is constantly improving to save lives, but technology that aims at protecting human health from possible dangers is more important. Fire protection technologies are some of the most widely used. This problem is worldwide and no human or organization is completely protected against it. Every day, a growing number of international standards are being created to solve this problem. We will be introducing you to the most frequently requested documents in this sector.

Technological development

Aug 28, 2021

Technology is constantly evolving at an alarming rate. Every day, new devices and technological enhancements are created. Technological and scientific advancements are constantly changing. The introduction of new technologies makes it easier to do any type of activity, large or small. It is important to understand that international activities and specific locations may require the use of certain laws. A well-structured system will allow you to not only comply with all regulations but also to access many international markets. Today we will introduce you to international standards for electrical instrumentation. We'll also show you how to implement them in international operations.

Standardization of metallic elements

Jun 13, 2021

International standards were created to ensure quality control in every production category. Although the original standards were global in nature and only described certain areas of human activity in general, they are now a type of regulatory legal act that describes processes, test procedures, safety recommendations and even instructions and recommendations about how certain materials should be used and processed in production. With the rapid development of technology, metal can now be used anywhere. A large number of international documents have been created to regulate the use and production of metal. We recommend that you become familiar with the most recent innovations in international standardization if your area of activity involves the use of this material.

Aromatic natural raw material

EN ISO 9235.2021

Both for small-scale production as well as corporate production, the application of international standards is growing in popularity. However, proper instructions are necessary for both the application of international standards and the implementation of any innovation. It is important to note that the correct terminology used in international regulatory documents will have a significant impact on the overall construction of the system. So-called dictionaries were created to help avoid difficulties when decoding a concept in an international standard. One of these dictionaries is EN ISO 9235: 2021.

Connections of metallic tubes for hydraulic fluid power connections

EN ISO 19879 :2021

Test methods for products and metal structures are crucial because a bad approach can have serious financial consequences. This is why it is important to follow the guidelines in international documents such as EN ISO 19879:2021. This document describes uniform methods for performing performance evaluations of metallic tube connections, ports stud ends and flange connections used in hydraulic fluid power applications. This document is not applicable to hydraulic quick-action coupling testing, which is covered under ISO 18869. The tests described in this document can be used independently and each one will detail the procedure to be followed. For performance criteria and indications on which tests should be conducted, please refer to the International Standard. The minimum number of connector samples required for qualification are tested. It is important to have qualified people in order to build a system. However, you also need to have a solid scientific and technological foundation. This will enable you to establish a clear, well-structured interaction among departments and allow you to produce a high-quality product or service.

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